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Jello Jump


Jello jump !!! is a simple and addictive arcade game with simple controls. Just tap the screen to make Jelly to jump all obstacles. Only you will be keep safe and alive by Jumping higher without collision with bars, survive longer and never give up!. This is the best arcade game for this year.Jello jump surely is the best Arcade game that you want to play again and again jumping with bubbly sounds effects. Jelly jump comes with unlimited new jumping and falling fun across hundreds of other arcade games. so many lovely jellies are waiting for jump and you will love to make a big jump, jelly jump have a simple idea and very addictive game play you only have to tap on screen and make a jump of jelly through cube crusher bars and go high as you can without crushing jellies, very simple concept for jumping and only jumping, so many beautiful and colorful jellies are waiting for you only you have to do is just install very small and well designed jelly jump which is less the 40 MB size. Jellies have been a very important thing in our childhood so we used jellies instead of a ball or any thing else. Jumping and avoiding spike is not a new idea but jelly jump is really some thing new to enjoy i think you will love to jump with jellies.
How to?1. Tap the screen to make Jelly Jump.2. Don't come between two bars or spikes.3. Go through bars to upwards and get high score.4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.5. Endless game with great game play.6. 8 new cute jellies to unlock. Hungry, huh? Collect blobs and unlock new jellies.7. Slow motion bonuses to enjoy your beautiful jelly motion.8. Select a level you'd like to play on (check that new button on the main menu).
What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD now, and you will be having FUN FOREVER !!!